Thursday, May 25, 2006

Of course they should! If you become so detacted from the code how can you possibly make well informed decisions about the design and technologies to use for a system. Reading alone is no substitute for real experience.

Should Architects Code?
I really like these articles and fully agree, too much time is wasted in traditional methodologies focusing on formal project plans, Gantt charts, MS Project plans and then reviewing, and updating those plans. Agile retains the planning, but cuts out all the non-sense, since it rightly assumes things will change.

Planning 101 for Agile Teams

this includes the 5 steps from:
The Five Levels of Planning
Good read about continuations and how they can be applied to websites.

Continuations on the web

Thursday, May 11, 2006

XFire 1.1 was released today

I'll be testing this version for the next few days and will post any thoughts or results when I have finished.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Best howto for creating a simple web service with XFire.

XFire: The easy and simple way to develop Web services

“Is the underlying problem here that SOAP is hard? No. Its that integration is hard. If you think that REST/POX is going to make it easier you are just crazy.”

Yes, integration is hard

"It’s best to design your URLs without respect to how they will actually be implemented. Design them so they make sense to human clients and search engines. Then worry later about how you’ll actually implement the backend that serves representations of those URLs."

REST is like quantum mechanics

interesting post, light on details though:

SOA at Flickr and